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Social Media publishing and Blogging Help You to keep Your Presentations Sharp, helps You Communicate more Effectively with Your Clients, Associates and Your Relationships.

I would like to draw your attention to, and share an article down below which clearly shows why a Business or Organization must be blogging, along with it’s relationship to Social Media.  Please read that first, if you are new to the world of Blogging and/or Social Media.   After that, if you would like to develop a more in-depth understanding of Blogging, Social Media publishing and Monitoring your Social Media site traffic & content, then the list of articles and e-books on this page in the column on the right “A Must Read list…” here,  will get you well on the right path of Learning Social Media.

The Article-image below from The Social Media  is a link to the greatest explanation I have found as to why Businesses and all Organizations should Blog, and therefore have a Blog within the root of their website.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Blogging article below: Or the PDF here.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Blogging article screenshot image - Article from

So How Do You Get Started?

Would you like to know how to get started in blogging,  so that you can develop a client following ?  And why would you want to do that?  The article above sums it up quite well if you haven’t read it yet (take a look at it !) ;  Your clients or potential members will Value and Need your content to educate them, help them with research, or learn about your Branding or Services.

I.T.S. Web and Video can help develop a well thought out, strategic, Editorial Calendar so that you’re not just throwing darts, if you will.   What areas or categories, of information, could best help your clients or members, achieve their goals ?  Don’t leave it up to guess work, and trying to see what sticks.  Let’s look at your clients or members and see what they need to learn from you.  What is their typical buying cycle or learning cycle before they take the next step?   Let’s see what your competitors provide them, and ask the question, is your competitors information really benefiting them or helping them?  If not, then lets determine what they do need.  If yes, can we offer the same, and build on that ?

Here’s some ways we can help you get started to building your following:

  • Blogging training, Calendar,  How to get headlines that are actually read.
  • If you are in Social Media, how well are your Facebook and Google + or whatever pages you have, how well are they designed to target the group of followers that you seek?  Let us help you develop consistency in your Marketing graphics for each of your Social pages.
  • Are you tracking your interaction of Visitors to your Website or Social Media venues, such as Facebook or Google +, or some of the others?
  • Which Social Media would work best for you to develop and track visitors?
  • Do you have helpful Analytic Reports established?  Are you tracking the right type of data?  Are you tracking specific downloads such as PDF’s, Videos watched, etc ?
  • Do you have informational Videos that can introduce You and What you do clearly, quickly and in a manner that makes your visitors desire to connect and talk with you ? Did you know that YouTube is the number two search engine on the Internet?  Think about how a YouTube marketing program in place, even a very small start, could help build interest in your company or organization.
  • Have you thought of how Vine videos introduced on a regular basis could bring your customers or members along quickly in what you can do, and how you can help them?  How could these 6 second looping videos display Engineering services,  or Jewelry, clothing or a membership drives for your organization?


Give us a call, and let us help you get started thinking and moving down the right path !

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