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Has Your Home Office Router itself been hacked? Excellent Security article !

RouterI read an article 2 weeks ago that shared facts that 87% of all websites in the US during 2016 were hacked in some form or another.

WordPress and other CMS’s in particular. (content management systems)

How about your Home or Office Router?  Has it been compromised?

An excerpt from the excellent article by on April 12, 2017:

“Tuesday morning we published a post showing how 6.7% of all attacks we see on WordPress sites come from hacked home routers.”

They even provide a simple “Test Me” link that you can check your router in 2 seconds.

Read the article from here.

25 Percent % of all searches are Voice Searches shared by Bing

What is the most interesting morsel in this article by ?

Quoted right from the article:

“Three of the world’s top voice assistants are powered by Bing. Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa all rely on Bing for their voice search queries. This is something that has to be put into perspective when reading this news.

Google has not revealed how many of its searches are voice searches, but the search giant is clearly invested in the future of voice search.”

See the article here:

How about a new avenue to provide Customer Service in your Company website via Facebook Messaging?

facebook-wordpress-pluginWell guess what, those busy Developers over at Facebook just made a nice plug-in into a sweet plugin 🙂

Not only can you add your Facebook page to your WordPress Website, but now you share events and do messaging for instant Customer Service.

From the Facebook Developer page:

New Page Plugin Features: Events and Messages

Earlier this year, we launched the Page plugin so that Facebook Page owners could easily connect with people on their website and drive engagement. Now we’re introducing two new features for the Facebook Page plugin: messages and events.”

Creating Websites that are “Wired” ready for Organic Search.

So What does this Mean?

Well, the folks over at the Top SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing tool and training website share this Headline article:

“Technical SEO 2015: Wiring Websites for Organic Search” By Tom Bennet at

SEO logo“Ask ten people what SEO is, and you’re likely to get ten different answers. Given the industry’s unsavoury past, this is hardly surprising. Keyword stuffing, gateway pages, and comment spam earned the first search engine optimisers a deservedly poor reputation within the web community. Snake oil salesmen continue to peddle these harmful techniques to unsuspecting website owners today, perpetuating the myth that optimising your website for Google or Bing is an inherently nefarious practise.

Needless to say, this is not true.

Broadly speaking, today’s SEO industry is split into two related fields: content marketing and technical optimisation. The ability to create content that resonates with audiences and communicates a brand identity is vital to the success of any website, and articles exploring every intricacy of this art can be found on the web with relative ease.”

How can I simplify that last paragraph of what Tom at Smashing Magazine is saying?

The two major fields or divisions in SEO , Content Marketing and Technical Optimization are the most important to Understand, and then Address. For Content Marketing you must provide content that your viewers and potential clients will find extremely helpful to market their websites, and which create a Strong Brand Identity (which is what my Web Design Survey is for along with our One on One Interview).  Which involves creating a solid “Editorial Calendar” and much more.  For Technical Optimization, your web developer must know how to “Do The Things” that Google wants, to find, index, and display your content in their Organic Search Results (non-paid for search results), in a way that folks can say, “Hey, that’s exactly what I’m looking for !”.

If this interests you, read their Fantastic article from their Moz Top Ten Marketing stories/articles for the month of December 2016.

See the article at Smashing Magazine, and tell Tom great stuff if you like the article for Wiring Websites for Organic Search by Tom Bennet: 

How Important is Online Security for your Business’ Social Media and other Accounts? stopped to think about how Getting hacked online for your Social Media accounts or other online accounts could affect your life and wallet?

Watch this Podcast and Read this articleOnline Security for BusinessWhen Chalene got hacked” from from about how a Businesswoman had her Social Media accounts hacked, and the nightmare along with $ 200,000 in expenses she incurred.

Hashtag Campaigns, Tips for Promotion and Measurement

Home page of Simply - Image is for the Hashtag Campaign article by SimpleMeasured-1000wHashtag Campaigns, Tips for Promotion and Measurement

Quoting from the article itself by to give you an intro to the ebook:


“Hashtags have become nearly ubiquitous in online communication. Once only a Twitter phenomenon, users have now adopted hashtags across many
social media channels to categorize and organize posts by topic and track discussions. For brands, they are a way to build awareness around products
or services.

In this guide, we’ll discuss hashtags – what they are, why your brand needs them, and how to measure their impact on your marketing campaigns. We’ll also discuss strategies used by brands that have had success using hashtags.”

This is an ebook that I downloaded from Simply Measured and the PDF is available here.

SEO Services you should NOT waste your money on. From Website Magazine.

There are cetainly many Marketers and especially Mass-Marketers out there vying for your monthly dollars.

And there are many companies that do indeed offer useful and effective monthly services or service contracts if you will.

SEO art by, here is another excellent article by Website Magazine telling us about 6 SEO Services that we should not waste our money on.  For those of you that run a business, and forget the acronym SEO, it means Search Engine Optimization services.  Services to make your website easier to get found by Search Engines when folks are looking for you on Google or Bing (the two main search engines).  See the article here:

Enjoy the article, I did.


How important is Visual Communication in the world of Social Media Marketing?

In this world of Fast Pace, get it out the door, hurry up, we sometimes can miss out, on delivering the message we want for Customers and even Friends.  Ever notice that?

I have a attached a great E-book from Shoutlet, Inc, an excellent Marketing company and Social Media Guru, if you will, and it shares how we can powerfully improve our message, and in even getting the attention of our Readers in Social Media, such as Twitter posts, Facebook, Instagram, Blogging, etc.


40 Ideas for Visual Social Media by Shoutlet, Inc - PDF download ,

How Can We Help You Today, to get a better grasp on Making Your Website and Social Media work for You?

Call Us or Email us today!  Use the contact form below:

Enjoy it, they provided lots of great visuals and ideas!


A Taste of Hurricane Gonzalo on the Rocks – Surfing Video in Satellite Beach, October 18 2014

Twitter Experiment

Would it be helpful on your website to have your recent Twitter Tweets to show up your website?

Here’s how we embedded a Twitter feed on our Twitter Experiment post here.