Pixelized Brain and Ideas imageIs your thinking and Marketing planning like this image to the left?  Or is it cohesive and clear, like the image below on the right?

At I.T.S. (Innova-Tech Solutions) our expertise exceeds far beyond just website design. We love the challenge of  incorporating the Big Picture of your Marketing Plans with the Core of your programs being your Website.  We enjoy creating visually stimulating and technically discerning websites. Brainstorm with Us and you will get excited about what Innova-Tech, and our Associates of Web Designers & Developers can create for you whether it be a Website, a New Logo, a Social Media page or a Stunning Video.

Brain and Ideas are very clear, imageOur education, skills and experience span from Marketing studies at UCF, to personal Sales and Cold-Calling, to doing Marketing Plans for companies around Central Florida. And reading over 60 website design and development books.  Being a member in 6 online Forum peer groups since 2004.

We chose the emphasis on Website Design and Development because it combines Creative (right brain) and Technical (left brain) thinking, and that makes the job enjoyable. And we all know what happens when someone loves their job 🙂

And the website is at the hub of any Company or Organization’s Marketing Mix.  Whether you favor the 4-P’s or 7-P’s of Marketing school of thought, we always choose the approach of both combined. So we feel very strongly, that our background of Studies in Marketing and Thousands of Sales Calls closed, that we have your back, in regards to creating a website that will set a Great First Impression, and get Visitors to take action, once they land at your site.

Call or Email us today, and let us a look at or talk about what you need.  We would love providing one of the most important tools that you can employ in your Marketing Mix, your organization’s Website.

And if You desire a Video message that will engage your Visitors on Your website, Social page, You Tube Channel, or Brighthouse Ad, please let us share with you what we can do in Videography, Video Editing and Special Effects.

Thank You for stopping by !

Art and the I.T.S. Team

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