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Hashtag Campaigns, Tips for Promotion and Measurement

Home page of Simply - Image is for the Hashtag Campaign article by SimpleMeasured-1000wHashtag Campaigns, Tips for Promotion and Measurement

Quoting from the article itself by to give you an intro to the ebook:


“Hashtags have become nearly ubiquitous in online communication. Once only a Twitter phenomenon, users have now adopted hashtags across many
social media channels to categorize and organize posts by topic and track discussions. For brands, they are a way to build awareness around products
or services.

In this guide, we’ll discuss hashtags – what they are, why your brand needs them, and how to measure their impact on your marketing campaigns. We’ll also discuss strategies used by brands that have had success using hashtags.”

This is an ebook that I downloaded from Simply Measured and the PDF is available here.

SEO Services you should NOT waste your money on. From Website Magazine.

There are cetainly many Marketers and especially Mass-Marketers out there vying for your monthly dollars.

And there are many companies that do indeed offer useful and effective monthly services or service contracts if you will.

SEO art by, here is another excellent article by Website Magazine telling us about 6 SEO Services that we should not waste our money on.  For those of you that run a business, and forget the acronym SEO, it means Search Engine Optimization services.  Services to make your website easier to get found by Search Engines when folks are looking for you on Google or Bing (the two main search engines).  See the article here:

Enjoy the article, I did.