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At Innova-Tech Solutions (I.T.S.) our website designs are efficient, clean, modern, and graphic specific, therefore designed to target your market niche. When a new visitor arrives at your website you have as little as 10 seconds to capture their attention and make a good impression which means; Get them to take that First click into your site,  before they hit the back button.

Therefore, your website design must not only be visually captivating, but make it easy for the visitor to quickly identify what products and services you offer. Also, it has been tested and proven that when a potential customer visits your website, they will also visit at least 4 of your competitor’s websites as well before making a buying decision, or before choosing to deal with you in the next step of a relationship.  As a result, it is vitally important that your website design dominates that of your competitors. After all, your website is the “Storefront” of your company online, your 24-7 sales rep, and the most valued and central marketing tool you have.   See More ->>

Contact: Art Hansen

Phone: 321.750.3852

Email: hansenconsultant@cfl.rr.com




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